What's PotPourri Markets?

PotPourri Markets is owned by Taylor Flanagan and chloe Seljan.
A Second Life group created by two belgian friends.

PotPourri Markets builds theme Markets / Towns (Halloween, Christmas, Chocolate,...) and organizes some events like exhibitions, djset, live performances, Story readings,...
How to be informed about events, new theme and some other news?

By our Facebook Group
By our Twitter account
By our Google+ page

You can also send us an e-mail to : potpourrimarkets@gmail.com

When we don't organize an events, the sim (moderate) can be rent. 
10000 L$/week for 10000 prims. 
Terraforming rights 
Commercial and private.
When you have paid the fee, you will be invited in the PotPourri Markets groups.
Rental and resale are prohibited
The rental is limited in time. So... don't offer shops, land,... for rent or sale. It's for your own use only! 

The place is free for all special projects (artistic and associative events)

You can also sponsor PotPourri Markets. Help us to continue this wonderful project, and your logo and link will be present on our website, blog and post in our Facebook group! (minimum 2000 L$/week)

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