Thursday, December 1, 2016

Christmas... yaaaay : where is our gifts???

We have a nice full sim. And we offer you it as a sandbox.

You can come to rezz your boxes. Test your builds. Etc ...

You can also use it as a space for eventual artistic, cultural or charity events. And this for free. Just contact Chloe Seljan or Taylor Flanagan.

But it is soon Christmas. We changed the texture of the ground (snow of course) and set a mountain scenery.

And ... a Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree at Potpourri Markets Sandbox

What would be really nice is that our creative friends come to put a little gift under the tree. In exchange, we'll talk about you on our blog, on our FB page and in our SL group (PotPourri Markets).

Gifts will be returned the week after December 31st.

Interested? Then, send a small notecard to chloe Seljan, with:

- Your landmark or marketplace link (or both)
- Your logo in full perm
- The name of your shop
- And a picture of your gift

It goes without saying that we only accept original creations. No freebies purchased in full perm for example.


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Ode to Pumpkins...

En français plus bas

We wish to organize a contest for Pumpkin Town, our Halloween Town.

For more infos :

The objective of this competition is to create an image that will honor pumpkins in a Halloween environment.

This image can be created via Photoshop, Gimp, or 3d modeling tools like Blender, Maya, ... (composition). Second Life may of course be used. But a simple snapshot will not be enough. This snapshot has to be worked on, adding elements, other pictures,...

The winner will be named based on creativity, originality and aesthetics. Amaze us!
Many gifts will be offered to the winner, but although it is always fun to have gifts (we, too, love gifts), the objective of this competition is especially for the pleasure of creativity.

The winner will be chosen by a jury, all well know people of Second Life. So it will not be a public vote. This will avoid becoming a friends competition rather than art competition :)

The image should be uploaded to a Flickr group.

This announcement is for a pre-registration to see if we have enough participants. More information will come when we open Pumpkin Town (1 October 2016).

So show us your interest!

Nous souhaitons vous proposer un concours pour Pumpkin Town, le village d'Halloween de Pumpkin Town.

Pour plus d'infos :

L'objectif de ce concours est de créer une image qui mettra en honneur les potirons, dans un environnement Halloween.

Cette image pourra être créée via Photoshop, Gimp, ou encore des outils de modelisation 3d comme Blender, Maya,... (composition). Second Life pourra bien entendu être utilisé. Mais un simple snapshot ne suffira pas. Il faudra retravaillé cette photo, y rajouter des élements, marier plusieurs photos, images,...

Le gagnant sera nommé en fonction de la créativité, l'originalité et l'esthétique. Epoustouflez-nous!
Plusieurs cadeaux seront offerts au gagnant, mais, bien que cela fait toujours plaisirs les cadeaux (nous aussi, on adore les cadeaux), l'objectif de ce concours est surtout le plaisir de créer.

Le gagnant sera désigné par un jury, qui regroupera plusieurs personnalités dans Second Life. Donc, ce ne sera pas par un vote public. Ceci permettra d'éviter que cela devienne un concours d'amis plutôt qu'un concours artistique :)

L'image devra être uploadée dans un groupe flickr.

Cette annonce nous sert avant-tout pour une pré-inscription afin de vérifier si nous aurons assez de participants. Plus d'informations viendront quand nous ouvrirons Pumpkin Town (1er octobre 2016).

Donc montrez-nous votre intéret!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

PT 2016 : Sponsor Application

Hello little Pumpkin Pies!

Pumpkin Town is a halloween theme village. Witches, skeletons, zombies, monsters of all kinds… and pumpkins ... are waiting you!

A village which exist in SL since 7 years!

A village to visit, but also a place where you can go shopping and find freebies. Of course, everything will be in the Halloween spirit...

But there is more! Like with all of our villages, we will organize concerts, Djsets, shows, storytellings, small contests, etc...
You can also have fun with our Little Monster Hunt, or watching a good old horror movie (all the movies that will be released are in the public domain)

Open from 1 October until 31 October, Pumpkin Town will be the place where you are sure to find something fun!

Oh yes! Another point: With Pumpkin Town you can also support the Feed a Smile group (the ONG “Live and learn in Kenya”).

Pumpkin Town was nominated in 2014 and 2015 for the best event of the year at the Avi Choice Awards

Pumpkin Town was created by Taylor Flanagan and is organized by Potpourri Markets (Taylor Flanagan et chloe Seljan)

So... would you like to sponsor this event?

If so, your logo with link will be published in our blogs, we will talk about you on our Facebook page and we will put a poster with your logo in our creepy bar, where we will have some DJ parties!

Please fill the form below! And we will contact you!

Contacts : Taylor Flanagan and chloe Seljan

Our Facebook Page

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Pumpkin Town 2016....

Hey Hey!

Guess what? We are working on our favorite town: Pumpkin Town 7!

We got the sim. The village is slowly rezzing out of the ground. Monsters are waking up. Taylor Flanagan is currently building the dishes in which you will be served as foods to the inhabitants of Pumpkin Town.

We will post more information and various applications soon:
- For creators and designers of course;
- But also for people who would like to sponsor our event;
- And finally for bloggers-journalists.

We also want to organize a contest. You will need to create an image (using a 3D software or Photoshop, Gimp, etc ...). Pre-registration will be opened. So we can see if there are enough participants to organize it.

We are excited to be able to organize this event. Soooo excited ... you cannot imagine how excited we are!

We already want to thank Surreal Chung, who bought a new sim, and gave it a cute name, which we will reveal later ...

Hey hey !

Vous savez quoi ? Nous sommes occupées à travailler sur notre village préféré : Pumpkin Town ! Un village qui fêtera cette année ses 7 ans.

Nous avons la sim. Le village sort tout doucement du sol. Les monstres se réveillent. Et Taylor Flanagan est en train de construire les assiettes dans lesquelles vous servirez de nourritures aux habitants de Pumpkin Town.

Nous diffuserons bientôt plus d’informations. Et nos différentes applications :
- Pour les créateurs bien entendu ;
- Mais aussi pour les personnes qui souhaiteraient sponsoriser cet event ;
- Et enfin pour les blogueurs-journalistes.

Nous souhaitons également organiser un concours. Vous devrez créer une image (en vous aidant de logiciel 3D, de photoshop, Gimp, etc…). Une pré-inscription sera ouverte. Afin de voir si vous serez assez nombreux pour l’organiser.

Nous sommes excitées de pouvoir organiser cet évent. Mais excitée… vous n’imaginez pas ôôô combien nous le sommes !

Nous tenons déjà à remercier Surreal Chung, qui s’est procurée une toute nouvelle sim, et lui a donné un nom tout mignon, qui vous sera révélé plus tard...

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Pumpkin Town, Potpourri Markets, Chloé Seljan and I have been nominated for various categories! Thank you all so much !! WOW We can't believe it !!
- Favorite Holiday Event Pumpkin Town)
- Favorite Holiday Store (Taylor Flanagan)
- Favorite Sim Designer/Creator (Taylor Flanagan)
- Favorite Second Life Group ( Potpourri Markets)
- Favorite Furniture Store (Secret Oktober -Taylor Flanagan)
- Favorite New Resident Mentor/Teacher (Chloe Seljan)

Voting is now open!!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Avi Choice Awards

It's time to SUBMIT YOUR NOMINEES for the 2015 Avi Choice Awards ~ SLife! This time we acknowledge and celebrate those in SL whose talent, ambition and skill provide homes, gardens, community, inspirational builds, sports, roleplay and more! We are also looking for sponsors and advertisers to join with us for the incredible program where we salute Second Life's favorites.

The Avi Choice Awards is just the opportunity and means for Second Life residents to applaud their favorites in specific categories. No one could ever say who is best at any of the categories because that is completely subjective to each individual's taste. Residents of SL who would like to acknowledge favorite builders, landscapers and creators may do so by visiting: and submitting their choices. NOTE: We will notify each nominee and let them know before voting begins, that they have been nominated. In some instances, a nominee may not want to participate .. in which case we remove the nomination and respectfully honor their wishes.

The April/May issue of Avi Choice Magazine is out and is online for viewing and has also been distributed to our subscribers inworld. If you would like to be added to our list of subscribers please visit our office ( and click our magazine kiosk. To view the issue online, visit here: