Thursday, December 1, 2016

Christmas... yaaaay : where is our gifts???

We have a nice full sim. And we offer you it as a sandbox.

You can come to rezz your boxes. Test your builds. Etc ...

You can also use it as a space for eventual artistic, cultural or charity events. And this for free. Just contact Chloe Seljan or Taylor Flanagan.

But it is soon Christmas. We changed the texture of the ground (snow of course) and set a mountain scenery.

And ... a Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree at Potpourri Markets Sandbox

What would be really nice is that our creative friends come to put a little gift under the tree. In exchange, we'll talk about you on our blog, on our FB page and in our SL group (PotPourri Markets).

Gifts will be returned the week after December 31st.

Interested? Then, send a small notecard to chloe Seljan, with:

- Your landmark or marketplace link (or both)
- Your logo in full perm
- The name of your shop
- And a picture of your gift

It goes without saying that we only accept original creations. No freebies purchased in full perm for example.


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