All our 20 shops are taken!
If you want to take a part in Pumpkin Town, you can also sponsor this event. All informations here : http://potpourrimarkets.blogspot.be/2016/08/pt-2016-sponsor-application.html

On October 1st 2016, we will open our Halloween village: Pumpkin Town. One of the most famous Halloween village and Halloween event in SL.

Like each year, we offer 20 shops.

Pumpkin Town will be opened from october 1st until october 31st. A one month event, with some live performances, djsets, shows,... An event on a full sim.

We've been organizing Pumpkin Town for 7 years now and it was nominated in 2014 and 2015 for the best event of the year at Avi Choice Awards. For the 2014 Edition, CG Cookie took part in our "Pumpkin Town" Contest. And last year, we were one of the places invited in the "The Creepy Crawl Friday's Inworld" organized by Linden Lab.

Our Pumpkin Town blog : http://pumpkin-town.blogspot.be/
A video of PT 2013 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VMfYmLdBz8
A video of PT 2014 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5CMxCqkmpLE

Are you interested to take part in this event? And have a shop in the Town?

 What you need to know :
- We accept only Halloween themed creations;
- You have to put a freebie in the shop in Pumpkin Town
- You also have to take part in the "Pumpkin Town Hunt". We will give you an object for the hunt. Your gift will be dropped into this object.
- We will open the sim for creators on september 25th and the shops as to be ready by September 30th at 5 AM SLT. We will open the sim to bloggers September 30th at 10 AM and we will have a VIP event on September the 30th at 12 PM. The sim will be open to the public October 1st at 11 AM.

- Fees?
We have two type of fees :
* 25 prims max : 500 L$ min or split script with min 20%
* 50 prims max : 1000 L$ min
For the whole month.

- No objects can be placed outside the shops.
- It's a sim open to all public, so no extreme violence, no sex, or other "adult" objects, pics,...

- We ask you also to put a copy of your freebie at the landing point for September 30th. For our bloggers. So they can easily find them. We will send you back those freebies before the public opening.

Interested? You can fill our application!

For more informations, you can contact chloe Seljan or Taylor Flanagan.

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