Sunday, July 1, 2012

Lullaby, a village of dreams

Lullaby, a vilage of dreams

Potpourris introduces you as next theme ... fairytales.

An entire sim dedicated to this wonderful world that has rocked our childhood, and continues to caress our dreams.


You can reserve your space by completing the application and send us this application by notecard ( to chloe Seljan or Taylor Flanagan)

Theme :
Once Upon a time. The Fairy Tales
2 Weeks. (July 16 to July 29)
The installation of your items will start on 13 and 15 must be ended.
We will invite you into the group that will allow you to rezz.

Terms :
- max 50 Prims
- We ask that your items, fit the theme, if possible.
- A freebie
- The payment of a fee. We are not asking for a fixed price. You decide what you want to give. This moment takes place on a full sim, and we will organize events. A little something will help us :)
- The use of a box prim for your vendors

- Name of the shop :
- Owner / creator :
- Landmark or market :
- Amount fee :

For more information, contact : Taylor Flanagan or chloe Seljan

The sim is being decorated. We will send information to Linden Lab to, perhaps, be in the destination guide.

The Program :

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