Wednesday, January 9, 2013

PotPourri Markets hosts Citysphère [EN]

Citysphère, a new vision of Second Life...

To walk on Citysphere, it is important to follow a few steps:
1. Upon arrival, click on the ground.
2. A cube appears. Sit on it.
3. Jump (pge Up)
4. Hop and visit! The city is spherical ... do not worry if you find yourself upside down ...

Let the builder, Freeloops Zanzibar, talk about his City!

Taxi :

"WELCOME In CitySphere's World, a new conception of the world for much more pleasure!!!

A city of 132 buildings distributed on a sphere, besides the originality of the decoration , which can be made at your own taste, the sphere possesses 3 times the surface of a sim, it is so a not insignificant saving of space!

Simple! Click on the ground to create a red cube, click straight ahead and " to sit on me here " on the cube and walk, so that it is made with least possible inconvenience. Once sat, go out of the mode " seen subjective " and watch to keep the camera upright of the adversity for about twenty meters and all will go well!
You can also make slow down or accelerate the walking with " Page up / page down ".

This "little" world was build by Freeloops Zanzibar with Mr Slove Mode for the script of walking, and the participation of Gizmo tyrant, Loda Denfu, Coxigrue Borgin, Chikami Resident, Abracada Dreamscape... Supported excessively by a whole group of friends!!! In ........ One thank you in all!!!!!"

Exhibition until end of february 2013. Freeloops Zanzibar are looking for some places to exhibit this fascinating build. So if you are interested, please contact him inworld.

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