Monday, January 7, 2013

SnowVille : The Winter Exhibition

Each people, each artist, sees Christmas in his own way. Christmas can be translate in different ways.

SnowVille gives you the chance to discover these differents ways with a Winter Exhibition.

More than 20 artists will exhibit their christmas artworks in a ice Gallery. Pictures, paintings, sculptures. A place where Christmas is celebrated through art.

The Ice Gallery is build by Megan Prumier. Owner of Crimarizon.

This exhibition is organized by Barbara Wardell

List of our artists 

Vicky Carpathia  * JadeYu Fhang  *  Nastasia Tuqiri  *  Kryss Holmer  *  Uleria Caramel  * Pol Jarvinen  *  Celestine Ghiardie  *  Athora Toxx  * Loe Resident  *  Amona Savira  *  Ginger Lorakeet  * Asmita Duranjaya  * Tim Deschanel  *  Ketlyana Magic  * FredyLaJoie Merlin  *  Maddomxc Umino  *  Sisi Biedermann  *  Fanette Crystal  *  Eluna Baramm  * Barbara Wardell * Terry Grauman * Gladys Ruby * Tani Thor * Olympe Rhode

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