Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Artshow 2013 - Artists

Who are the artists? Who are the contestants!

Here is the list of our artists. Each of them will create a new artwork, each week. For more information about this artists, please use the blog link.

Megan Prumier
"I really dunno what to say about my art i just edit sl pics >_<"

Cherry Manga
"Surreal immersive art."

Oursinette Bruun
"Pictures SL!"

Sisi Biedermann

"I am a photographer and painter, and I have my own gallery in SL, called Gualdo Art Centre. I have 3 buildings here. 1 with my own art and one with my collection of art I bought in SL. The last building is other artists who I invited to exhibit here.
You can see my art at the following places in sl:
StarZ Art Corner, The Cube, Space 4 Art, Timamoon Art, Future Vision Art Gallery, The Rose Gallery and my own Gualdo Art Centre."

Mary Kalil
"Je fais de la photo RL ( N&B surtout)depuis plusieurs années alors c'est une bonne occasion de partager ce que je depuis peu, je me suis mise à la photo sur Sl ^^"

Monroe Snook
"Monroe Snook - loved photography forever.  Her first exhibits in SL showcased her RL florals depicting macro images of sensual structures of nature's plenty.   Her current RL photography collection is wide ranging in subject, treatment, texture, and emotion.  She works hard on each piece to create something that assaults the viewer in a way to provoke, prod, poke, and stimulate a stirring.  

In early 2008, she became passionate about SL photography - growing her skill and range within this medium.  Her work in this area is again wide reaching from Fine Art to Fashion.  

Most recently, she has expanded into abstract digital paintings that also embeds her original RL photographic images. This new direction has become even more popular and satisfying."  

Athora Toxx
"IX'L je fais des photos dans le monde que je retouche avec plusieurs logiciels"

"i curate and create for my group. rl art trained"

Derry McMahon
"Derry McMahon is the founder and was the chief librarian of Seanchai Library, where for the last four years she has been immersed in “bringing good literature to life in Second Life,” using storytelling to bring pictures to your mind. 

Recently, Derry found a talent for SL photography and began exploring this virtual world with camera in hand, working hard to develop her skills and create expressive images that revel in the interplay of color, light and form. 

Her images are influenced by her passion for detail, getting up close to focus on the “bits and pieces” of Second Life, abstracting the fine details that are often overlooked in her quest to bring to life and share her vision of this virtual world. 

Derry recently 'retired' from managing Seanchai Library, one of the longest-lasting storytelling venues on the grid. Now she devotes her time to her new passion for creating images."

Domitalia Jinx
"My work follows no particular style.  Rather, I let it reflect my mood and inspiration of the moment.  I find constant inspiration exploring the wonderful environments created here in SL just as I do exploring nature in the real world with my camera.

Landscape and nature photography is my first love, both SL and RL.   However, SL is an incredible medium… to be able to manipulate my environment and create my own cast of characters to work with provides endless possibilities.  This allows me the ability to delve into fantasy worlds and create some “not possible in real life” pieces. I process my work with Photoshop, using mainly textures and color to create the finished piece.     

I use a blend of light, texture, rendering, and subject matter to bring vibrancy and warmth to my pieces.  Whimsical, mysterious, moody, and passionate have all been used to describe my work.  My body of work reflects my very eclectic personal taste in art.  If my pieces have a goal, it is to evoke some sense of emotion from the viewer. "

Claude Belgar
"I mostly try to walk the path less travelled so to speak, to try to go a direction that wouldn't be expected when I build."

Celestine Ghiardie
"For this will mostly be photo....though i might arrange it on some mesh item ;)"

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