Wednesday, February 27, 2013

ArtShow 2013 : Votes, planning and prizes

ArtShow 2013... it's an art picture contest. When we say "contest", "big contest", we say votes, planning and prizes.

Each week, a panel of judges will vote and eliminate one artist.
Each week, we will have a different "guest judge" in the judges panel. It will be a singer, band, DJ or an artist who don't participate in the contest

Each week, you public can vote for your favorite artist. This vote will not be playoff. It will designated the "Public Artist".

Follow this link for vote!

What will the winner win? (it can be updated) :

10000 L$

3 month subscription  at cgcookie

Gift Card from Edika Creation
Gift Card from Bitter Bunnie Designs
Gift Card from Kate's Attic & Homes
Gift Card from Lipstick Fashion
Gift Card from Chimera's Elegance & Style
Gift Card from TaTToo PaRaDiSe
Gift Card from Lillou's Designs
Gift Card from [sYs] Design
Gift Card from Aphrodite Shop

Gift from INNUENDO Italian Style
Gift from Shey
Gift from tchiky
Gift from Fellini Couture

The planning 

March 1: The first two themes (1)

March 8: Take your place! + Themes (2)

March 10: Opening with ArtShow event!

March 15: Result + New themes (3)
March 16: Set up your art!
March 22: Result + New themes (4)
March 23: Set up
March 29: Result + New themes (5)
March 30: Set up your art!
April 5: Result + New themes (6)
April 6: Set up
April 12: Result + New themes (7)
April 13: Set up
April 19: Result + New themes(8)
April 20: Set up
April 26: Result + New themes (9)
April 27: Set up
May 3: Result + New themes (10)
May 4: Set up
May 10: Result + New themes (11)
May 11: Set up
May 17: Result + New themes (12)
May 18: Set up

May 24: Final Event and Big Winner Announcement!!

The duration of this contest may be changed in case of withdraw from the contest by one of the contestants.

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