Thursday, February 28, 2013

PotPourri Artshow 2013

ARTSHOW 2013 Winner


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ArtShow 2013, the new event by PotPourri Markets

March 10th - May 24th

THEME 1 : Skeletons & Red Fruit
Guest Member of the Jury : Chapichapo Delvalle. French artist.

THEME 2: Rain & Hats
Guest Member of the Jury : Ceci Dover. Singer.

Theme 3 : Crows & Birth
Guest Member of the Jury : Ptilu, DJ

Theme 4: Lips & Tombs
Guest Member of the Jury : KWD IDOLS, band

Theme 5: Masks & Moon
Guest Member of the Jury : Lakua Arriaga (Engrama)

Theme 6: Cats & Books
Guest Member of the Jury : SaraMarie Philly. Singer

Theme 7 : Shoes and Light
Guest Member of the Jury : JadeYu Fhang, Artist

 Theme 8: Dreams & Trees
Guest Member : Samm Qendra, Singer

Theme 9: Spirals & Women
Guest Member : Shannon Oherlihy, Singer

Theme 10 : Violins and Time
Guest Member : Cica Ghost, artist, and Lisa Brune, singer

Theme 11 : Wings and Night FINAL
Guest member : Bryn Oh, artist, and Aminius Writer, singer

ArtShow? It's an art picture contest. 
Each week, Artists will have two themes to marry in an artwork.
Each week a jury will vote and one artist will be released from the contest.

And a lot of events! Djset, live performance, shows, readings,... 

Don't miss this moment!!

The menu (clic clic :)) :

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