Monday, March 31, 2014

Furry Fair : The End

Hello all!!

Furry Fair is over.

Furry Fair was organized by PotPourri Markets.

Potpourri Markets, Taylor Flanagan and chloe Seljan, did't know who furry were. We discovered a very funny, nice and sweet community.

We hope that Furry Fair was appreciated by furries but also that it helped no furries to discover them.

We'd like to thanks Moya Patrick, for his exhibition, his video, but also for his presence.

We'd like to thanks all our merchants! And all our artists.

A big thanks to all our visitors, for their presences but also their generosity.

Yes generosity.

We had a "Feed a Smile" Board in Furry Fair, and some special Feed a Smile events. At the end we had more than 110000 L$!

Thanks all!

Now it's time to rest. The next event by PotPourri Markets will be Pumpkin Town.

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