Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Holiday Market

We are accepting applications until November 26th, 2011

Only 15 Markets Stalls available!!

(Copy this application in an in-world notecard)


Prize: 800L for the entire month for 1 market stall (you can place up to 15 prims)
Don't forget all items have to fit the theme wich is Winter/christmas/New Year)

Shop set up will start as soon as you are accepted and have paid your fee.

Please send application to Taylor Flanagan (english) or Chloe Seljan (french)
Please Rename Application as follows:
Christmas Market ~ Your Name
(Example: Christmas Market-Taylor Flanagan)

Store Owner Name:

Store Name:

Secondary Contact (optional):


If you are in a mall, please provide directions to your shop from the landing point

Santa Claus freebie:

Exclusive Item or Special Deal Item:

Blog/Marketplace Link:

Please include a full perm Logo:

NO VENDORS (only 1 prims boxes)