Sunday, November 13, 2011

What is it?

It's a themed market that changes theme every 2 weeks (for special themes like christmas and
Halloween it will last for 1 month).

The market will be composed of market stalls in a themed decorated area.
All products sold at our markets will fit the theme. So you will find everything you need from the same
theme in one place!

At the moment we will start with 15 shops! So if you want one you better be fast :)

Upcoming Themes

The first theme will be Winter/christmas/New Year and will last the whole month of december (Info at bottom of the notecard)

Please start thinking about an exclusive item that you will only sell at PotPourri Market or a special
deal on on of your existing products (choice is up to you)
As well as a freebie that will be placed next to santa Claus in the gift area :)

To give a chances to everybody to have a shop you can apply for only 3 themes at a time.

Here is a list of ideas for future themes, the themes that get the most application will happen first.

Various Themes:

Gold & Silver
Heaven & Hell

Holiday Themes:



Dates: December 1st - Jan 1st, 2011

Organizers: Taylor Flanagan and Chloe Seljan


Participants limit: 15

Application Deadline: November 26th, 2011

Prize: 800L for the entire month for 1 market stall (you can place up to 15 prims)
Don't forget all items have to fit the theme wich is Winter/christmas/New Year)

Shop set up will start as soon as you are accepted and have paid your fee.

Please send application to Taylor Flanagan (english) or Chloe Seljan (french)
Please Rename Application as follows:
Christmas Market ~ Your Name
(Example: Christmas Market-Taylor Flanagan)

Store Owner Name:

Store Name:

Secondary Contact (optional):


If you are in a mall, please provide directions to your shop from the landing point

Santa Claus freebie:

Exclusive Item or Special Deal Item:

Blog/Marketplace Link:

Please include a full perm Logo:

NO VENDORS (only 1 prims boxes)

FOR ANY INFORMATION contact Taylor Flanagan or Chloe Seljan

If you would like to suggest a theme feel free to do so :)